Safe Loan 2 percent After a month. You know how many requests

Safe Loan 2 percent  After a month.  You know how many requests

It’s been a month since the “Safe Loan 2%” program was launched. Poles submitted over 18,000 applications during that time. credit applications, and the number of concluded agreements is 651. So far, there is little interest in housing accounts.

On August 3, it will be a month since the “Bezpieczny Kredyt 2 percent” program was launched. Let us remind you that the program can be used by people who are under 45 on the date of submitting the loan application, and in the case of people running a household together, it is enough that the age of this one of them has not completed the loan (provided that both are parties to this loan agreement.) A person taking out a housing loan and persons belonging to his household before the date of its granting will not be able to hold the ownership right to a flat or a single-family house.

“Safe Credit 2%” after a month. Over 18,000 applications

The amount of the “Safe Credit” may not exceed PLN 500,000, and if the borrower runs a household together with his spouse or has at least one child – PLN 600,000. The own contribution may not exceed PLN 200,000. In the absence of own contribution or an incomplete contribution, you can take advantage of the guarantee of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK). The subsidy to installments is payable for 10 years, and the loan is repaid in the formula of fixed capital installments (decreasing capital and interest installments). percent plus a margin, commission and other bank charges (if any).

The second pillar of the program is a housing account, intended for people who plan to buy a flat in the next few years. People who decide to set up an account can count on receiving a savings bonus from the state. The account can be opened from 13 to 45 years of age.

Even before the start, the “Safe Credit 2 percent” program aroused great interest. According to the data of the Polish Bank Association, quoted on Twitter by RMF FM journalist Krzysztof Berenda, in less than a month (data as of July 27 this year) Poles submitted 18 0232 credit applications, and the number of concluded contracts is 651. – On the other hand, the number of opened housing accounts is only 592 accounts – reports the journalist of RMF FM.

Nearly 10 banks joined the programme

So far, nine banks have joined the “Safe Credit 2 percent” program. They are: PKO BP, Pekao, Alior and VeloBank, as well as four cooperative banks (Bank BPS, BS Rzemiosła in Krakow, BS in Brodnica and SGB-Bank SA) In recent days, an agreement with BGK in this matter was signed by Bank Spółdzielczy in Krakow.

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