Quarterly deposits with lower interest rates. Four banks offer 7 percent. on an annual basis

Quarterly deposits with lower interest rates.  Four banks offer 7 percent.  on an annual basis

Poles have their own ways of saving money. Quarterly deposits are the most popular. Currently, four banks offer 7 percent. per year, it is 0.50 percentage point less than in September. To take advantage of the offer, you must meet additional requirements set by financial institutions.

“Don’t lose on inflation! Open a term deposit and start saving”, “Do you want to save your money safely? Select a term deposit”, “Create a term deposit online. Get up to 7 percent per year for new funds” – these are just a few of the many advertising slogans used by the largest banks to encourage customers to make deposits. Financial institutions most often offer term deposits for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. There are so many deposit offers on the Internet that many people do not know which of them is the best and who should entrust their savings.

Bank deposits. The most popular is the quarterly deposit

“Should I make a deposit now or not?” – this question appears more and more often on financial forums and groups on social media. Internet users are divided on this issue. For some, deposits are the most frequently chosen deposits on the market, which will allow you to earn up to 7%. on an annual basis. For others, bank deposits are nothing more than freezing money, and deposit rates are decreasing almost month by month and are lower than inflation, which amounted to 8.2% in September.

One of the most popular bank deposits is the quarterly deposit. It is a safe deposit that not only allows its holder to earn money, but also does not block access to money for a long time. Currently, the highest interest rate is 7%. per annum and is 0.5 percentage point lower than a month ago. The changes resulted in a reshuffle in the ranking of banks offering the best interest rates to customers, reports the banker.pl portal.

Deposit interest rates are lower than in September

Currently, four banks are at the top of the list of the best quarterly deposits, offering 7%. on an annual basis. The highest interest rates are offered by: Bank Millennium, Bank Pekao, Inbank and Toyota Bank. Another four banks took second place. Both Bank Nowy, BFF Banking Group, Citi Handlowy and PBS in Poznań offer 6.5%. on an annual basis.

The group of banks in third place on the podium is equally numerous. Bank Pocztowy, PKO Bank Polski, VeloBank and Volkswagen Bank GmbH branch in Poland offer 6%. on an annual basis. In turn, the lowest interest rates on the quarterly deposit market are offered by: mBank (2.10%), ING Bank Śląski (1.50%) and Inteligo (0.50%).

Quarterly deposits are subject to various requirements

To obtain the highest interest rates on quarterly deposits, you must meet various requirements set by banks. Bank Millennium offers 7%. annually to participants of the “Lubię to Recommend” program. The offer is addressed to people who recommend a personal account to a new client or set up an ROR account on recommendation. The bank will recognize the customer’s recommendation when the person invited to the program completes a card or Blik transaction for a specified amount. In this case, it is a minimum of PLN 360. You can deposit from PLN 500 to PLN 25,000 on a deposit. zloty.

Another deposit for 7%. The rate is offered by Bank Pekao on Lokacie z Żubrem. As we read on the bank’s website, the deposit is addressed to account holders who complete the current questionnaire of preferences, needs, approach to investing and adequacy, as well as express marketing consent. The minimum deposit amount may be PLN 1,000. PLN, the maximum amount you can deposit is PLN 30,000. zloty.

The bank boasts of additional security for funds

There are also restrictions in other financial institutions, which offer 7%. per annum for holders of quarterly deposits. To open Lokata na Start, you must have the status of a new customer. Inbank offers the highest amount that can be deposited on a deposit, up to PLN 50,000. zloty. “Funds deposited in this bank are protected by the Estonian Deposit Insurance Scheme” – we read.

Toyota Bank rounds out the quarterly deposit leaders. In this institution, an additional condition is to have a personal bank account. Customers can deposit from PLN 2,000 on Lokata Plus. PLN up to 40 thousand zloty.

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