Over a thousand new cases of COVID-19 per day. Dr. Grzesiowski: We have another wave

Over a thousand new cases of COVID-19 per day.  Dr. Grzesiowski: We have another wave

1,104 coronavirus infections in 24 hours. – We are experiencing a wave of epidemics and it is a very intense wave – warns Paweł Grzesiowski, M.D., an expert at the Supreme Medical Council for Epidemic Threats.

Yesterday’s report by the Ministry of Health said there were 43 cases of COVID-19 and 445 tests performed, as well as zero deaths. The latest report shows that 1,104 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Poland, which means an increase of over a thousand! AT 328 people were reinfected. One person died due to comorbidities with COVID-19. More tests were also performed, as many as 2,803, of which almost half were ordered by primary health care centers.

How does COVID-19 manifest itself today?

Dr. Grzesiowski regularly talks about the epidemic situation in Poland in his YouTube program. A few weeks ago, he appealed not to ignore upper respiratory tract infections. He emphasized then that COVID-19 was not over, and the fall may be marked by the coronavirus.

“We have another wave of COVID-19, the number of cases is rising. “More and more cases are going turbulent.” – said Dr. Grzesiowski, emphasizing that COVID-19 may present with high fever, chills and muscle pain. Other symptoms include a runny nose and cough, stuffy nose, shortness of breath, loss of smell and taste disturbances. Therefore, even mild respiratory infections, colds or mild flu symptoms cannot be ignored, because you never know whether you are dealing with a coronavirus infection.

New variants of coronavirus in Poland?

It is not yet known which coronavirus variant is responsible for the new wave of infections in Poland. Following the American trail, perhaps this is the new HV.1 variant, a continuation of the Omicron variant. One of the most infectious variants of the coronavirus – XBB – is still active.

– We expect further increases in the number of cases, especially as the weather changes, which will facilitate the circulation of the virus in closed rooms. – he said on YouTube.

More and more doctors are calling on Poles to start using masks (this especially applies to people with colds and health care workers). In the United States, the obligation to cover the mouth and nose has returned to some medical facilities, as well as to the offices of many companies and universities.

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