He was convicted of approximately 20 rapes. The 50-year-old may be released soon

He was convicted of approximately 20 rapes.  The 50-year-old may be released soon

He was convicted of rape and attempted rape. The 50-year-old will be released soon. However, according to the prison director, he may still pose a security threat.

The case involving a 50-year-old man convicted of approximately 20 rapes was publicized again on April 26 by gazeta.pl. As the editors remind us, the man received a significant sentence years ago – 15 years in prison. It was in 2010, which means that the man may be released soon. Or he will go to a special center.

He described his actions. He talked about them “with passion”

The case concerns a man who described his actions in a diary. Years ago, it prowled the area of ​​Wrocław. He committed rape for the first time almost 30 years ago. He was clearly proud of his actions – he wrote that God would not hold him accountable for this sin. In his diary, he described the people he was interested in – girls aged 12 and over and women up to 50 years old.

In an interview with Onet, Remigiusz Korejwo, a former officer of the Central Police Investigation Bureau, talked about the 50-year-old. As he said, the man “never expressed remorse.” Apart from that, he talked about everything “with passion”. Today, the director of the prison, interviewed by Gazeta.pl journalists, does not believe in the man's transformation either.

As the editors remind us, the director may send a request to the court for the 50-year-old to be recognized as a person “posing a threat”. Such a document must also contain the opinions of experts – two psychiatrists and, for example, a psychologist or a sexologist. They determine, among other things, whether the therapeutic treatment has had the intended effect. Gazeta.pl refers to the Act of 2013 on proceedings against persons with mental disorders who pose a threat to the life, health or sexual freedom of other people. If the court finds, based on experts' opinions, that the man is mentally disturbed and may commit a crime again, he will probably be sent to Gostynin.

What's next? Much depends on the reaction of the director of the prison

Has the move already been made by the director of the facility where the rapist is serving his sentence? Journalists asked the spokesman for criminal matters at the District Court in Bydgoszcz about this. Judge Daniel Sobociński denies it – so far no such request has been submitted. However, according to his knowledge, the plant director plans to write it. When will it be prepared? Before the convicted person will have the last 12 months of prison.

What is in Gostynin? This is the National Center for the Prevention of Dissocial Behavior. “The center has four departments located in Gostynin (Masovian Voivodeship – ed.), as well as a branch in Czersk, where therapeutic procedures are carried out. (…) Due to the specificity of the Center, it houses people who have been defined by law as persons posing a very high risk of committing an act against the health, life or sexual freedom of other people. Patients have an Occupational Therapy laboratory and a sports area at their disposal – as we can read on the official website.

Gazeta.pl reports that once every six months, the court, based on expert opinions, decides whether the person described in the act should continue to stay in this special facility. In addition to Gostynin, the so-called preventive supervision of a criminal. As “Gazeta Police” explains, the person covered by it “is obliged to always inform the police commander about the change of permanent place of residence, place of employment and change of name and surname, and if the police commander requests it, also provide information about the place of current and intended stay and the dates and places of departure.

More about preventive supervision

The head of the district police is also in the case of a person covered by the so-called preventive supervision “authorized to verify the information provided by it (…) and to apply to the court for the lifting of preventive supervision.”

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