Google Bard has new features. He now understands images

Google Bard has new features.  He now understands images

Google has introduced new features to the Bard AI service. From now on, the tool works cleverly with images and adapts its expression to the user’s requirements.

Google has just made the latest version of the Bard AI engine available to Internet users – an artificial intelligence tool presented in Poland in mid-July this year. What has the AI ​​chatbot learned?

Google Bard AI is even more efficient – the chatbot uses images

The chatbot’s new capabilities are due to improvements to the large language model (LLM) of PaLM 2, the foundation of Bard. Thanks to the amendments, the AI ​​helper will be even better at virtual brainstorming, coding, searching for and comparing information, and conducting conversations.

Polski Bard will also adapt his answer to our requirements. Simple buttons will allow you to customize your statement, e.g. make it longer or shorter and more formal or colloquial.

As announced by the well-known company, some functions previously available only in the English version of Bard have now been added to 40 other language versions – including Polish. You can now send images to the tool using Google Lens and ask, among other things, to identify the content – e.g. what the dish visible in the photo is. What’s more, the chatbot will also be able to answer the query using an image from the company’s search engine.

Bard AI still better in English

However, most of the content in the official Google entry is devoted to new features that will not be available in the Polish edition of the tool (although they will probably come to us later).

An interesting feature is Bard Extensions – these are extensions that enable Bard to search and display information from the Google services we use. These can be emails from Gmail, files from Google Docs or Sheets and Drive, data from Calendar, Maps, YouTube and so on. This is supposed to be a good way of combining information from various sources, for example when organizing a trip abroad.

English-speaking users also gained the Google it function. It allows you to verify each of Bard’s answers using the Google search engine. We can turn it on by simply clicking the icon with the characteristic G.

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