Beware of fake physiotherapists. There is a warning for patients

Beware of fake physiotherapists.  There is a warning for patients

Fake physiotherapist? The National Chamber of Physiotherapists warns against such practices. At the same time, he advises patients on how to react and how to check whether the physiotherapist has the appropriate qualifications.

The National Chamber of Physiotherapists (KIF) drew attention to the problem of fake physiotherapists. “There are situations when, for example, on the Internet, someone promotes their business as physiotherapy. Sometimes it turns out that he is not authorized to do so. To protect the profession and, above all, to protect patients from such abuses, we must respond,” the organization emphasizes.

Fake physiotherapist. How to recognize a specialist?

KIF provides patients with detailed instructions on how to check the competence of a physiotherapist and how to react in case of suspected fraud:

  • If you see someone claiming to be a physiotherapist, and you have doubts whether he/she performs activities assigned only to physiotherapists without authorization – check whether he/she is listed in the National Register of Physiotherapists (such a register can be found on the KIF website);

  • If such a person is not listed in the Register, try to secure evidence, e.g. save photos or video recordings of suspected people, take screenshots of websites confirming your suspicions;

  • Submit a report to the prosecutor’s office – directly or through the KIF.

Physiotherapist on the National Health Fund

In a survey commissioned by KIF by BrainLab, every third respondent indicated that the most difficult thing is to get a physiotherapist under public health care (33%). For comparison, a dentist was chosen by 27% and a primary care physician by 13%. According to 80 percent respondents find it most difficult to get to a specialist.

– The survey results surprised us very much, as physiotherapy overtook dentistry, which has been extremely limited in the public system for many years. We do not want and cannot allow the same thing to happen with physiotherapy and make it available only to those patients who can afford it. Physiotherapy improves the quality of life and fitness in many areas and should be a new, important challenge for Poles “planning a long life,” says the president of the National Council of Physiotherapists, Dr. Tomasz Dybek.

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