A candidate for a doctor must have a certificate from the parish priest. “It’s not a comedy anymore, it’s a tragedy”

A candidate for a doctor must have a certificate from the parish priest.  "It's not a comedy anymore, it's a tragedy"

There is an appeal to the heads of the ministries of health and education. This concerns the admission criteria for medical studies at the Toruń university. Candidates for doctors must have a certificate from the parish priest.

An appeal in this matter was made by Michał Bulsa, president of the District Medical Council in Szczecin. “The District Medical Chamber in Szczecin once again draws indignant attention to the curriculum and rules for admitting students to universities that have in recent months obtained accreditations allowing them to study medicine. (…) Michał Bulsa appeals to the Minister of Health Katarzyna Sójka and the Minister of Education and Science Przemysław Czarnek to verify the criteria published by the Academy of Social and Media Culture in Toruń (AKSiM) for the medical field. In addition to knowledge, future students are required to: certificates from the parish priest,” it was written in a statement sent to the media.

Michał Bulsa on certificates from the parish priest: “A parody of education”

In previous communications, OIL from Szczecin wrote harshly about the mass launch of medical courses at universities that, in its opinion, were unprepared for it, calling it a “parody of education”.

“It’s not a comedy anymore, it’s a tragedy. To become a doctor trained at Father Rydzyk’s university, you need a certificate from the parish priest, please note that for ideological reasons, this must be agreed with the institution’s authorities. The study of medicine should take place without the influence of any religion, in accordance with the medical oath, medics should provide help without any differences, such as: race, religion, nationality, political views, financial status and others, with the sole aim of their well-being and the respect of patients. Universities with permission to study medicine cannot differentiate candidates based on religion. – emphasized Michał Bulsa.

Why do future doctors need a certificate from the parish priest?

Information about the need for a candidate to submit a certificate from the parish priest is provided by the Toruń university on its website. As we read in the note to the requirements – “due to ideological reasons, details to be agreed with the AKSiM authorities.”

“We are concerned that there may be discrimination in medical studies that require specific knowledge and predispositions due to faith or other factors. This will be a disappointment for candidates, because no one would like religion or similar factors to determine admission to the field of study. medical. This turn of events makes it more and more likely that new universities may be unprepared to educate doctors, which poses a threat to patients. This is not helping the health care system with staffing problems. It is like patching holes in the road with cotton wool,” says the president of the District Medical Council. in Szczecin.

We are waiting for AKSiM’s comment on this matter.

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