What inflation in October? The deputy minister of finance forecasts

What inflation in October?  The deputy minister of finance forecasts

Tomorrow the Central Statistical Office (GUS) will present preliminary data on October inflation. According to Deputy Minister of Finance Artur Soboń, the reading will be approximately 7%.

On Tuesday, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) will present a preliminary estimate of the consumer price index in October this year. Let us recall that inflation in Poland amounted to 8.2 percent in September. year to year, compared to 10.1 percent in August. Thus, for the first time since February 2022, a single-digit reading was recorded in Poland. September’s data were slightly better than market expectations. On average, economists surveyed by “Rzeczpospolita” indicated that the increase in the consumer price index in September would amount to 8.5 percent. Every year.

The Central Statistical Office reported that compared to August, prices decreased by 0.4%. Food and non-alcoholic beverages increased in price by 10.3% during the year, and energy by 9.9%. Fuel for private means of transport, however, decreased by 7%.

Inflation in October. Soboń forecasts 7 percent.

What results can we expect for October? Artur Soboń, Deputy Minister of Finance, spoke on this matter today on Radio Zet. – I expect it will be around 7%. already, now, in October. (…) The next readings will also be readings that will mean a lower level of inflation – said the deputy head of the Ministry of Finance in the “Guest of Radio Zet” program.

Soboń pointed out that “we have had disinflation since March and this trend should also be expected in tomorrow’s readings for October.

When asked how much inflation would be at the end of the year, the Deputy Minister of Finance replied: – I do not know. But today, apart from the situation on the fuel market, which may always be something beyond our control – and we need to make a reservation here – there should still be a situation of disinflation in subsequent readings as well.

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