The only convertible limousine of its kind. It was created for… sumo wrestlers

The only convertible limousine of its kind.  It was created for... sumo wrestlers

Everyone who has ever seen them on the mat knows how powerful sumo wrestlers are. Now Toyota has prepared a special, open version of its ultra-luxurious Century model, just for those practicing this sport.

The special version of the Toyota Century, seen in photos, will be used to transport winning sumo wrestlers after the event at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo (January 28, 2024). This model also demonstrates the full-order concept, which allows you to create a car according to the customer’s wishes.

New Toyota Century

Let us recall that in September 2023, Toyota presented the Century model in a new version. The car has an SUV body and a hybrid drive with a V6 engine. The car has 412 HP of power, which is transmitted to all four wheels using the E-Four Advanced system and a rear steering system (Dynamic Rear Steering).

Version for sumo wrestlers

This new model served as the basis for the car built for the Japanese Sumo Association (JSA). This is a special convertible that will be used to transport the winning players triumphantly after the tournament, which is scheduled for January 28, 2024 at the Ryogoku Kokugikan sports hall in Tokyo.

Custom car

Instead of rear seats, the special Toyota Century has space for two people from which sumo wrestlers can greet fans. The car is white and the leather upholstery is light in color.

Toyota Century for JSA was prepared in accordance with the full-order concept. This is a new type of service offered to Japanese customers of the Century model who want to create a one-of-a-kind car, also with a modified body, e.g. a convertible. The order will be fulfilled by Century Meister or a chief mechanic from a Toyota showroom. The conversion cost and order processing time are determined individually. Preparing the Century version without a roof takes about a year.

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