Google introduces new privacy tools. Poles will enjoy it

Google introduces new privacy tools.  Poles will enjoy it

Google has introduced new tools to help users stay private online. Internet users can ask for the deletion of private data that is in the search results. Unfortunately, these features do not work in Poland yet.

Google has announced the introduction of new tools to protect user privacy. As it turns out, however, the novelties are available in a limited number of countries.

Google is improving “search results for information about you”

Last year, Google began rolling out the “Search Results About You” tool. It is quite a necessary tool nowadays that allows you to remove our most private data from the Google search engine. This includes e.g. o unsolicited attempts to share our telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, place of residence and the like.

Today’s update brings even more new features to the system. The company praises a wide alert system that will inform you if our sensitive information starts to appear on the web. Users will gain access to a special panel from which they will be able to quickly ask Google to delete their private data.

The information management tool will be available directly from the Google application or search engine on – all by clicking on the profile picture of a Google account.

Regardless, the company also reminds you that the SafeSearch filter will be improved soon. It will now automatically blur erotic or violent photos. The functions related to the removal of private erotic photos from the search engine results will also be strengthened. This is supposed to happen in August.

Google privacy tools not in Poland – premiere only in the USA

Interestingly, the function widely described on the Google Blog Poland seems not to be available in Poland – it’s about the entire Results about you tool and its latest fixes. Both official links to the service lead to a 404 error. These are:



We contacted representatives of the Vistula branch of the company on this matter. As company representatives mention, “for now, the tool is only available in English for users in the United States, but Google is working to introduce new languages ​​and localizations soon.”

It remains to be hoped that the news will soon reach the Vistula River. The very idea of ​​greater control over data leaks seems to be very hit.

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