When will the “naStart” loan be launched? The new minister has announced the deadline

Holes in the ground are already sold or reserved.  Customers are looking for apartment plans to buy their dream "M"

The new Minister of Development and Technology, Krzysztof Paszyk, intends to continue work on the “naStart” housing program and convince coalition partners to support it. The program is to be launched at the beginning of next year.

The new Minister of Development and Technology, Krzysztof Paszyk, gave an interview to Money.pl. One of the topics of the conversation was the “Mortgage Loan #naStart” program, which is to be the successor to the “0% Loan” launched exactly one year ago by the previous government. However, the future of the new government program is in question due to disputes within the coalition. Paszyk emphasizes that as part of the coalition consultations, he intends to “convince our partners that one housing program is not enough to solve all the problems that appear on this housing market.” According to the minister, “several directions of action are needed that will lead us to a situation where apartments will become available to various groups of citizens.”

– That is why I will propose – at the beginning, as part of the arrangements and search for a political majority to adopt this program – several proposals to individual social groups that are interested in having their own apartment – announces the head of the Ministry of Development.

– The first issue is the purchase of apartments on the market or the construction of a single-family house, especially for families with many children. The second element will concern TBSs – for those who cannot afford their own apartment, but do not have sufficient financial resources. And this is exactly what the “Mortgage loan #naStart” program will help them with – adds.

When asked whether the criteria for joining the program will change, Paszyk announced that preferences based on the number of children in the family will remain. – Of course, we will not eliminate people with fewer children, singles or even people in informal relationships from the program – declares the Minister of Development.

When will the “Mortgage Loan #naStart” program start?

When would the new program be operational? – The proposal has already been developed. I hope that this week (July 1-7) we will start the consultation process within the ruling coalition. Realistically, if everything works out, we will be able to launch the program at the beginning of next year – says Paszyk.

The head of the Ministry of Development estimates that support will be provided to approximately 175,000 borrowers, of which 75,000 agreements on loans with co-financing would be concluded by the end of 2025, and in subsequent years – approximately 50,000 agreements per year. – Initial arrangements are such that an amount of PLN 10-11 billion will be allocated for instalment subsidies over a five-year period, including approximately PLN 550 million in 2025. – predicts Paszyk.

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