This is the cheapest holiday destination. You can spend less than 1000 PLN on your holiday here

This is the cheapest holiday destination. You can spend less than 1000 PLN on your holiday here

Sandy beaches, a gentle descent to the sea and sunny weather – these are just a few of the advantages of this holiday destination, where you will spend less than PLN 1,000 for a week’s stay.

When looking for a holiday destination where we can relax in the sun, we often consider the cheapest options in close proximity to Poland. A good accommodation base and beautiful sandy beaches can be found in the tourist hit of the 70s and 80s – Bulgaria. The flight to this country takes an average of 2 hours, and sunny weather in July and August is almost guaranteed. On average, there are only four to five rainy days in July and August.

A week in the sun for less than a thousand zlotys per person

For example, for a week’s holiday in the second half of July, in a three-star hotel, with a flight from Poland to Bulgaria (Katowice-Burgas), we will pay PLN 969 per person (without meals). Offers for a stay of a higher standard, i.e. a hotel with swimming pools, start from PLN 1,300 per person.

The expert from the portal points out that Bulgaria can be a good option for a family vacation, especially because of its sandy beaches. – The gentle entrance to the sea is definitely an advantage, which is also very important for parents traveling with small children – says Marzena German.

Although Bulgaria is a great, affordable holiday option, data shows that this year, this destination will lose out to others among Polish tourists. According to analysis by, Poles will flock to Spain, Greece and Turkey.

Bulgaria is cheap, but in retreat. These are the destinations chosen by Poles

“Bulgaria is definitely in retreat. It is simply losing to Turkey, where the price-quality ratio is exceptionally good. In 2019, we sent about 100,000 people there, now it will be 1/3 less” – said Marcin Dymnicki about these elections, quoted by Why do Poles look at Bulgaria with less interest? The reason may be a more modest offer of accommodation than in the case of Turkey, as well as a focus on a higher standard. “Turkey is helped by a very large selection of hotels, we can still expand their number, we are adding rooms” – explained Dymnicki.

Although Bulgaria is mainly associated with resorts on the Black Sea, it can also boast numerous tourist attractions. Tourists who get tired of sunbathing will easily find offers of private tours, including those with a Polish guide. We wrote more about the attractions of Bulgaria here.

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