They impersonate a large bank in Poland. Protect your data so you don't lose your savings

They impersonate a large bank in Poland.  Protect your data so you don't lose your savings

Security experts are warning of a new wave of fraud in which cybercriminals are impersonating a large Polish bank in an attempt to steal customers' online banking credentials.

Customers of one of the largest banks in Poland are once again targeted by cybercriminals. This type of situation has been happening more and more often recently, not to mention the ever-living “BLIK” method.

This time, fraudsters use a proven and still dangerous method: they send crafted notifications that inform about the alleged need to verify the customer's account by confirming the phone number.

They impersonate Alior Bank

The link in the message leads to a fake login panel that closely resembles the original Alior Bank website. The address of a fake link may differ from the authentic one by just one letter or other small detail, making it difficult to detect the fraud at first glance.

Once they obtain the credentials, criminals can use them to steal funds from the victim's account. This is a serious threat to all bank customers who unknowingly provide their data to fraudsters.

How to defend yourself?

The CSIRT NASK team recommends special caution when opening messages and clicking on links from unknown sources. Customers should always carefully check the address of the website to which they are redirected, especially when making a payment or providing personal data.

It is worth reporting suspicious websites via the platform, which will help experts combat this type of threats in the future.

Effective password security

To further protect your bank accounts and other online services, it is worth using effective password management methods. Storing passwords on pieces of paper is not a secure solution. Programs that allow you to safely store and generate strong passwords are a better choice.

With the number of phishing attacks on the rise, it is important for users to remain vigilant and follow online safety recommendations. Only in this way can they effectively protect their data and savings against cybercriminals.

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