These foods increase the risk of cancer. The European Union is banning their use

These foods increase the risk of cancer.  The European Union is banning their use

The European Commission has decided to withdraw popular products commonly used in the food industry from the market. This means big changes for consumers. Some snacks may soon disappear from store shelves.

The European Union (EU) is withdrawing the authorization of eight smoke flavors as food additives. This decision was supported by 27 Member States. The latest report by the European Commission shows that the consumption of flavorings increases the risk of various health problems, including cancer.

What are smoke flavors?

Smoke aromas are various substances obtained in the process of pyrolysis, i.e. dry distillation of wood. It takes place at high temperature (400-1000 degrees Celsius) without the use of air. The result is liquid smoke cleansed of ash and tar. The substance is widely used in the food industry. It is commonly added to various food products. It can be found, among others, in products such as: barbecue sauce or bacon flavored chips. They are also used by producers of hams and cold meats, as well as ready-made sauces and even soups.

Research conducted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) linked smoke flavors with genotoxicity, i.e. the ability to damage the genetic material of cells. These changes may lead to the development of cancer and genetic diseases. Moreover, as EFSA notes, it is not possible to determine a safe level of consumption of the indicated substances. Therefore, according to representatives of the European Commission, the best solution seems to be the complete withdrawal of the indicated measures from the European Union market.

What does the European Union’s decision mean for consumers?

The European Union’s decision met with considerable opposition from food producers. They point out that the withdrawal of smoke flavors from the market may cause huge losses for the economies of the Member States. And what does the EU decision mean for individual consumers? Food products containing banned substances may disappear from store shelves if their manufacturers do not find an alternative way to flavor food. Producers of salty snacks have twenty-four months to do so, and companies producing cold meats and hams have five years. After this time, smoke flavors will no longer be available in the EU.

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