The two-year-old ate the fruit and ended up in the emergency room. Beware of “false” currants

The two-year-old ate the fruit and ended up in the emergency room.  Beware of "false" currants

The currant season has recently started. However, they can be easily confused with the fruits of a poisonous bush. Little Inga’s mother found out about this. The girl’s story almost ended tragically.

A two-year-old girl ate fruit from a bush growing in the home garden while visiting her grandparents. “I was looking at the flowers, Inga was standing nearby. Suddenly I look and she had something in her mouth. I asked what she ate and she showed me a bush with fruit,” recalls the girl’s mother in an interview with Radio Zet. The woman took a photo of the plant and found its name on the Internet. It turned out to be honeysuckle. It bears fruit that closely resembles currants. They tempt with their beautiful appearance, but they contain a strong toxin.

“False currants” are a deadly poison

Honeysuckle fruit contains xylosteine. It’s a strong poison. Irritates the digestive system. It disturbs the functioning of the heart and damages the brain. Consuming even a small amount of the substance can lead to severe poisoning and end tragically. Its symptoms include not only gastric symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea), but also arrhythmia and breathing disorders.

After 25 minutes we arrived at the emergency room. There was a queue there, but I picked a piece of the plant and waved a branch from the entrance. The toxicologist confirmed it was honeysuckle. They quickly gave her coal (since then I remember to always take coal with me!). Anesthesia, gastric lavage, two days of observation. Fortunately, she recovered quickly, but the doctor’s words froze me: It’s good that you came so quickly, because gastric lavage makes sense for up to two hours. Then he doesn’t do it anymore, says Inga’s mother.

The girl was very lucky. Her story should serve as a warning. You should not eat fruits that you do not know. You also need to keep a close eye on your children. Even a moment of inattention can have very serious, sometimes even tragic consequences.

How to react in case of poisoning?

It is important to contact a doctor or emergency medical services as soon as possible. You should not induce vomiting on your own. It is worth remembering that elderly people and small children are especially vulnerable to severe poisoning. Patients with immunodeficiencies and chronic diseases are also at great risk.

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