The Chancellery of the Sejm goes shopping. “5 tons of chicken, 800 kg of sausages”

The Chancellery of the Sejm goes shopping.  "5 tons of chicken, 800 kg of sausages"

The Chancellery of the Sejm announced a tender for the purchase of food products. The letters detailed what and how many goods were to be delivered.

The Chancellery of the Sejm is planning major purchases. A tender has just been announced for the supply of food products to the restaurant and canteen located on the premises of the parliament. The tender documents detail which products will be procured. And so we learn that the tender covers the supply of huge amounts of meat and cold cuts. The Sejm Chancellery plans to purchase:

  • 5.8 tons of chicken breast (without small parts, i.e. bones and crunches)

  • 5.4 tons of pork loin

  • 2.5 tons of raw pork neck (fat content not more than 15%)

  • 800 kg of pork sausages (in a synthetic or natural casing)

  • 550 kg of raw pork shanks

  • 450 kg of smoked bacon in slices

  • 400 kg of steamed white sausage (containing at least 65% meat)

  • 350 kg of black pudding

  • 100 kg of frozen whole ducks

  • 100 kg of beef tenderloin

  • 30 kg of kabanos sausages

The Chancellery of the Sejm goes shopping. We know the details

As many as 5.8 tonnes of fish are also to be delivered to catering outlets on the Sejm premises, including:

  • 1.5 tons of miruna

  • 250 kg of pike-perch

  • 800 kg of salmon

The announced orders show that the Sejm will also receive 4,000. liters of cola drink and half a ton of coffee, as well as 720 bottles of tonic drink, 1,440 bottles of orange juice and the same number of packages of grapefruit juice. The order will also include 3 tons of butter. In addition to the products mentioned above, the list also includes an order for:

  • 225 thousand eggs in size L

  • 80 liters of natural kefir

  • 70 kg of azure blue cheese

Fruit and vegetables will also be ordered for the Parliament, including:

  • 3.3 tons of tomatoes

  • 2 tons of apples

  • 375 kg of watermelons

  • 250 kg of pineapples

As we read in the tender documents, the contract will be implemented successively over 18 months. The first deliveries are scheduled to be made in just over two months. The estimated amount that will be spent on purchasing food products is up to PLN 3m6.

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