PLN 2,000 for walking without shoes. Shocking penalties in a seaside resort

PLN 2,000 for walking without shoes.  Shocking penalties in a seaside resort

The authorities of the San Felice Circeo resort in Italy are introducing a new ban. People who violate the rules will pay a fine of up to EUR 500.

The sight of bare feet, men without shirts and women in swimsuits is nothing unusual in seaside resorts. Tourists very often go straight from the beach to the center for dinner or coffee, and they have no intention of dressing up especially for this occasion. An Italian town has decided to put an end to “indecent practices”. San Felice Circeo, located near Rome, will punish tourists who are too undressed with a strict fine. From now on, walking without clothes or even shoes will result in a fine of up to EUR 500.

Ticket for bare feet

The mayor of the Italian resort of San Felice Circeo on the Tyrrhenian coast has decided. This is the end of walking around the city without shoes and appropriate clothing. The popular “barefoot walking” will now be punishable by a severe fine. Tourists caught without shoes will receive fines ranging from EUR 25 to even EUR 500 (over PLN 2,000). Those who wear swimsuits away from the beach and tourists who take off their shirts in a heat wave will also pay. “The regulation results from the need to secure and protect the territory and image of San Felice Circeo, because with the beginning of the tourist season, we often witness situations and behaviors that deviate from the norms of decency and normal civic coexistence,” explains the municipal office. The ban is valid until September 30 and applies only to the historic center area.

It is forbidden to hang laundry

Residents who have so far been taking advantage of the warm weather by drying their laundry on lines hanging out the window, which has been an image in the landscape of Italian towns for years, must also prepare for the changes. According to the municipality’s decision, no wet clothes, towels and underwear may be exposed. The bans introduced by San Felice Circeo are not the only tightening of tourist regulations this year in Italy. High fines are also planned for tourists who destroy monuments.

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