Paweł Roszczyk: Adamed has been focusing on innovation from the very beginning

Paweł Roszczyk: Adamed has been focusing on innovation from the very beginning

We try to make such changes in products or technology, create such combinations, to create products with added value that result in a better therapeutic response and facilitate use by the patient. Adamed has always focused on innovation, we also have a department dealing with the development of innovative drugs. We also have some successes here, says Paweł Roszczyk, managing director of Adamed Pharma.

Director Paweł Roszczyk participated in a debate on the development and needs of the pharmaceutical market in Poland, organized by Wprost on the occasion of the publication of a report on 35 years of the industry’s development after 1989.

– Adamed fits very well into 35 years of economic freedom; was established 38 years ago and since then it has been consistently developing by reinvesting capital from its own funds. Today, the company has achieved over PLN 2 billion in revenues from the entire pharmaceutical group. Our current challenge is to enter foreign markets more strongly with the Adamed brand, said Paweł Roszczyk.

Generic products with added value and innovative medicines

Director Roszczyk pointed out that Adamed focuses on products with added value: it has interesting cardiology products (combo products) as well as diabetes products.

– We are looking for changes in products, their combinations, and changes in technology to stand out on the market and provide the patient with greater compliance, safety, and better therapeutic response. Of course, we also have a department dealing with the development of innovative drugs, and we also have some successes: in the last 3 years, we have signed a commercialization agreement for products that have reached the preclinical phase and will be developed in cooperation with partners, with the large participation of companies that have greater experience in the development of pharmaceutical products . We have several more projects and we will continue this work, he announced.

Adamed on international markets

Adamed is doing well not only on the Polish market, but also on foreign markets. – We are entering European markets very effectively, especially Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria; we want to develop even more here. Our second area of ​​development is Asia: in 2018 we bought a company in Vietnam and based on it we are building our competences in Asia. Today it is a company with GMP quality in the EU; it is also the first company to receive GMP for the High Potent Drug Zone in Vietnam, which makes it possible to produce, for example, oncology drugs. We will continue to invest in this area. Of course, it is not about moving production to Vietnam, but about building an Asian hub. Our “third leg” is South America, where we already have a dozen or so contracts, and we will develop our business in distribution models to make the Adamed brand more and more visible, said director Roszczyk.

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