Not laptops, but tablets for students? Nowacka: We will present our plans on Thursday

Not laptops, but tablets for students?  Nowacka: We will present our plans on Thursday

The new government has no doubts about the laptop program for fourth graders. Education Minister Barbara Nowacka criticizes her predecessor’s idea and announces new things.

The laptop program for fourth graders did not turn out as the previous government had dreamed. The media reported, for example, about devices found in pawnshops. However, there are bigger problems, which were pointed out by the Minister of Education, Barbara Nowacka, on TVN24.

– There is no money (for the program – editor’s note), there are serious reservations of the European Commission regarding the preparation of this program, its reasonableness, and protection of young people against cyber threats. These laptops were also distributed without any particular ideas for education. In addition, I received a signal from the Ministry of Digitization that there were deep dishonesty in connection with the organization of the program – said Education Minister Barbara Nowacka on TVV24.

– On the one hand, handing out laptops, i.e. heavy equipment for fourth graders, without any idea what to do with it, raises serious doubts not only among politicians, but also among experts and teachers – described the actions of her predecessors.

The Minister of Education announces new products

Barbara Nowacka, however, does not intend to take away the laptops and present an alternative. As she said, on Thursday, February 8, she is to present a new plan together with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Affairs, Krzysztof Gawkowski. Interestingly, it may be that students will receive different equipment.

– What Polish schools need is wise digitalization, where end devices, i.e. laptops or tablets, will be useful as a mechanism for equalizing opportunities, but this must be related to the digital education strategy and network security. We are preparing such a recovery program together with representatives of the Ministry of Digitization. On Thursday, together with Deputy Prime Minister Gawkowski, we will announce plans regarding laptops or something else – she said.

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