Mosquitoes “bite” these people more often. What is the reason?

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What makes you more attractive to mosquitoes than other people? Researchers point to several reasons. One of them is… beer consumption.

Even though summer hasn't really started yet, mosquito season is already in full swing. It is easy to see that these insects prefer the blood of some people more than others. According to the latest research, the factor that invites mosquitoes to eat is the previous consumption of beer.

These factors invite mosquitoes to a feast

Each of us knows the characteristic buzzing and itching; are difficult to bear, especially at night. In addition, there are red spots that are visible for many days and constantly encourage scratching. Scientists have been studying for many years which people are particularly attractive to mosquitoes. There are many factors influencing this.

The website informs that one of them may be the color of the clothes of a potential mosquito victim. Black and dark colors attract these insects. Mosquitoes also flock to people suffering from viral diseases.

Recently, however, it was discovered that the consumption of alcohol by a person who is attacked by a mosquito may play a significant role in this matter.

Three elements were examined. Alcohol attracts buzzing insects

In a test group consisting of 13 people (12 men aged 20 to 58 and a 24-year-old woman) and a control person (30-year-old man), alcohol consumption, sweat secretion and skin temperature were analyzed.

All three factors were measured before and after drinking 350 milliliters of beer with an ethanol concentration of 5.5 percent. Then the study found that the percentage of mosquitoes that landed on volunteers increased after drinking beer compared to before drinking alcohol. The conclusion was clear – alcohol consumption stimulates the attraction of mosquitoes.

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