Many Poles make this mistake. You shouldn’t drink it before going to bed, because then it’s hard to get enough sleep.

Many Poles make this mistake. You shouldn't drink it before going to bed, because then it's hard to get enough sleep.

It’s easy to make healthy sleep difficult. Many of us unknowingly do it by drinking a popular infusion. I also didn’t know how serious the consequences of my carelessness could be.

Healthy sleep is important for well-being. Long-term disturbances in night rest can have dire consequences. Parents of small children know this very well, but a large group of Poles seem not to think about it at all. Some of us contribute to our sleep problems without even realizing it. Habits are to blame. Often those we bring with us from home.

Don’t drink this before going to bed

I remember as a child, I would get a glass of black tea every night before going to bed. It wasn’t strong or overly sweet. My grandmother was convinced that it would help me calm down and fall asleep quickly. It took me a good few years to figure out why the habit of drinking this particular infusion wasn’t good.

Many of us are aware that green tea or yerba mate are stimulating drinks. We also know that drinking coffee or cola in the evening will not help us fall asleep. However, black tea is often treated as a completely safe drink that can be reached for at any time of the day. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Nutrition experts say that a cup of this infusion can provide you with twice as much caffeine as coffee. For this reason, it is worth treating black tea similarly to a small black tea and taking care to drink the last cup 6 hours before your planned bedtime.

What other drinks should you avoid in the evening?

We already know that getting enough sleep prevents you from consuming a larger dose of caffeine in the second half of the day. However, many adults drink alcoholic beverages in the evenings – at least from time to time. They are also not conducive to a restorative night’s rest. This is one of the many side effects of reaching for products with ethanol.

A much less obvious drink that can wake us up at night is hot cocoa. It also contains small doses of caffeine. So if we struggle with severe sleep disorders, it is worth giving it up in the evening.

What should you drink before bed to get a good night’s sleep?

Instead of tea or cocoa, choose an herbal infusion. Mint, chamomile, lemon balm or lavender will calm the body and improve the night-time regeneration process. When choosing a specific herb, consider possible allergies – chamomile and lavender will not be good for everyone.

To improve the taste, you can add a little honey. Just remember that hot liquids significantly reduce its beneficial properties.

From time to time, it is also worth tempting yourself with golden milk. Rich in beneficial ingredients, the Ayurvedic drink has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and metabolism, ensuring proper regulation of processes occurring in the body.

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