Infarma Director: The pharmaceutical industry needs predictability. “We have very modern technologies”

Poland does not have such factories, but "we have factories of scientists and experts."  "A healthy patient - the economy is growing"

There are many challenges, but the pharmaceutical industry looks to the future with hope. There are many very modern drugs in clinical trials at various stages, we need to look for ways to make them available to patients – says Michał Byliniak, director of Infarma, commenting on the Wprost debate “How to become the leader of the pharmaceutical market in Poland”.

The Wprost debate was related to the publication of a report on 35 years of development of the pharmaceutical industry in Poland, barriers, opportunities and development prospects. – The industry looks with great hope; We have difficult times ahead of us, full of challenges, but all companies are trying to develop and provide medicines to patients – says Michał Byliniak.

He noted that in the case of companies producing innovative drugs, the challenges are currently different than in the case of companies producing generic drugs.

– We have a big challenge ahead of us in the form of large EU legislation, it is a matter of ensuring competitiveness so that companies have a chance to develop in Europe, locate their research and development centers and their production here. These are European challenges, and when it comes to Poland, the most important thing is openness, dialogue, stability and predictability, emphasizes Michał Byliniak.

He points out that many new drugs are extremely modern technologies.

– Currently, in clinical trials we have technologies related to cell therapies, mRNA-based therapies, as well as gene therapies, which until recently were an idea straight from science fiction films. It is necessary to anticipate the challenges that will be associated with the implementation of new, ultra-modern therapies and look for ways to make them available to patients – he emphasizes.

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