Fewer and fewer apartments are being built in Poland. Disturbing data from the Central Statistical Office

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In May, developers started construction of 11.9 thousand sq m. apartments – the Central Statistical Office reported. That’s 5.2 percent. less than a month earlier. According to experts, developers’ investment decisions are influenced by, among others: uncertainty regarding the government’s new housing program.

Preliminary estimates from the Central Statistical Office (GUS) indicate that in May, developers in Poland started the construction of 11.9 thousand sq m. apartments. That’s 5.2 percent. less than in April, when 20% was recorded. decrease. This means a return to the activity observed in the second half of last year.

Apartments in Poland. Does uncertainty regarding the new program influence developers’ decisions?

The data quoted by “Parkiet” show that in the first five months of this year, companies started the construction of 66.5 thousand premises, 70% more than a year earlier, when the market was still in lethargy after the mortgage crisis. and waited for the entry of the Safe 2% loan, i.e. the state loan subsidy program. After the program was launched in July, developers began to catch up on investments. The Safe 2% loan turned out to be one of the last solutions introduced by the Law and Justice government decided to continue it and proposed her own program “Na start”, but its fate is uncertain.

“Parkiet” points out that although developers’ moods have cooled slightly, companies are still obtaining a lot of building permits. In May this year, developers received permission to build almost 17,000 premises, almost the same number as in April. Within five months, building permits were issued for 69,000 apartments, 41% more than a year earlier.

– The latest information from the Central Statistical Office confirmed the correction of the one and a half-year upward trend initiated a month earlier. For now, there are no grounds to draw far-reaching conclusions as to the durability of the weakening investment situation in the primary housing segment, we can only talk about a natural break in the ongoing trend – comments Jarosław Jędrzyński, expert of the RynekPierwotny.pl portal, quoted by the website.

– Especially since the statistics on apartment starts and new permits are still quite satisfactory. The permit statistics for developers make a good impression and remain at an above-average level. Moreover, there is a high chance for further increases in the following periods, which is due to developers accelerating the submission of applications before August 1, i.e. the date of entry into force of the new technical conditions – he adds.

The expert emphasizes that to be or not to be a “Starter” has a decisive impact on the situation on the primary market, and this entails developers’ investment decisions.

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