Expert: Polish soldiers use amateur communication systems from China

Expert: Polish soldiers use amateur communication systems from China

The Polish army is struggling with a lack of modern means of communication, which makes it difficult to coordinate operations. The expert believes that the services need modern technologies that will ensure the integration of communication systems.

In the face of the growing challenges of the 21st century, Polish emergency and uniformed services must face problems related to ineffective and dangerous communication. As Jan Jakub Szczyrek, a member of the board of MindMade from the WB Group, points out, many officers use outdated, Chinese communication devices, which are not only easy to buy for little money, but also do not provide an adequate level of security.

– I know of cases where officers or soldiers use Chinese, amateur means of communication that you can buy in a store for PLN 200. And it is not safe, but it is usually simply due to deficiencies, i.e. when a given service is not properly equipped to communicate – says Jan Jakub Szczyrek, a member of the board of MindMade from the WB Group.

Lack of integration of communication systems

One of the most important challenges facing Polish services is the lack of integration of different communication systems. Each service has its own system, which makes it difficult to coordinate actions during joint rescue operations. Szczyrek emphasizes that the lack of integrated communications significantly complicates cooperation between different units, which can lead to delays and errors in rescue operations.

– If several services arrive at the scene of the action – e.g. police, fire brigade and ambulance – each of them is equipped with its own means of communication, but they do not communicate with each other. The coordinator of such an action must have three radios with him and what he hears on one of them must be repeated on the other. This is a situation that can be solved quite easily by integrating these means of communication – emphasizes the MindMade board member.

MindMade, a WB Group company, offers solutions that can revolutionize the way Polish services communicate. The PIK (Communication Integration Platform) system provides secure, cryptographically secured communication and is already being tested in hospitals. PIK is scalable and adapted to the integration of various communication systems, which allows for a wide range of functionalities, including user location based on satellite navigation.

Szczyrek points to global systems such as FirstNet in the United States, which effectively integrate the communications of different services. A similar approach is necessary in Poland. Systems such as PIK can provide not only local but also global communications, using all available cellular and satellite networks. In crisis situations, where standard networks may not be available, MindMade is able to provide its own private LTE network, thus enabling uninterrupted communication.

Security and interoperability

The most important feature of modern communication systems should be interoperability and maximum level of security of transmitted information. Currently, Polish services often use analog means of communication, which poses a serious threat to security. The transition to digital, professional radio communication systems with encryption is crucial to ensuring secure communication.

An efficient communication system is crucial for effective rescue operations, increases the safety of rescuers and officers and enables faster assistance to victims. Interoperability and modern communication technologies can significantly improve the efficiency of Polish services, thus raising the level of security in the country.

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