Every smartphone should have these features

Every smartphone should have these features

The Internet is full of rankings comparing the capabilities of individual smartphones and guides on what to look for when buying a device from different price segments. However, there is a certain range of functionalities that every smartphone should absolutely have to deserve the attention of buyers. Let’s look at these key features using the example of the latest smartphone from Infinix – Infinix NOTE 40 Pro.

Many modern smartphone models are attractive in appearance – the standard today is slim “frameless” housings, i.e. those in which a large screen fills almost all available space on the front panel of the device. Infinix NOTE 40 Pro follows this trend, offering a 6.78-inch display with a resolution of 2436 x 1080 pixels. Importantly, it is an AMOLED screen, which significantly improves the experience in multimedia applications of the smartphone. Movies displayed on the AMOLED screen are characterized by deeper blacks, vivid and saturated colors, and due to the shorter pixel response time, dynamic scenes are reproduced smoothly and without jams.

Because AMOLED pixels don’t require additional backlighting, these types of screens are kind to the battery, allowing the smartphone to run longer. Thanks to the low power consumption of the off pixels, AMOLED can effectively support the Always-On Display function, which shows information such as the current time or app notifications on the smartphone’s lock screen without significantly affecting battery life.

Pay attention to the specifications…

The key factors in determining the usefulness of a smartphone are its key equipment, primarily the processor and RAM. The more processor cores, the more efficient the operating system and applications installed in it will be. Today’s standards require at least an eight-core processor for efficient operation of the device, such as the MediaTek Helio G99 Ultimate in the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro. This unit was designed to efficiently handle many applications running in parallel in the background.

The processor architecture allows for dynamic switching between a set of powerful cores (for tasks requiring high computing power) and energy-efficient cores, sufficient for simpler tasks. Importantly, MediaTek often integrates powerful graphics units (GPUs), capable of handling games and applications requiring high graphics processing power. This makes smartphones with these processors ideal for mobile games and multimedia.

In turn, the more memory, the more programs can be run simultaneously without compromising data processing performance. Even 12 GB of RAM, present in the standard version of the NOTE 40 Pro, is enough for typical applications, and the memory size can be expanded even twice.

Since both games and multimedia are resources that consume a lot of energy, a smartphone must have a capacious battery. Cells with a capacity of 5000 mAh have already become the standard, even in mid-priced devices. Even with intensive use, this capacity should provide at least a whole day of operation of the device without the need to recharge it. With standard use, including browsing websites, watching movies or listening to music, the 5000 mAh battery lasts even longer and can be up to two days.

It is worth adding that more and more smartphones have a practical fast charging function, allowing for quick replenishment of the battery. For example, the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro supports fast 20W wireless charging and 70W wired charging, which allows you to charge the battery to 50% in 16 minutes. This is especially useful for people who spend most of their time outside the home, on the road or during a break in current activities.

…and on utility values

The smartphone has become the center of our digital activity, which is why the multimedia layer is an important aspect of the device’s design. The quality of the audiovisual content presented depends on the quality of the components used. While good image parameters are guaranteed by the aforementioned AMOLED technology, the sound side is often neglected by manufacturers. A single mono speaker or lack of support for lossless sound coding systems will worsen the reception of the soundtrack of a movie watched on a streaming platform or recordings in online music services.

Some smartphone manufacturers are collaborating with renowned brands specializing in producing high-quality audio equipment. An example of such cooperation is the tandem of Inifnix and JBL – the NOTE 40 Pro model uses two stereo speakers from this manufacturer, providing uniform and symmetrical surround sound.

Many users also care about very high detail of photos taken with a smartphone camera. While in most available models the size of the matrix is ​​a dozen or so to several dozen million pixels, there are devices with even larger sensors. 108 million pixels in the matrix of the rear camera of the NOTE 40 Pro smartphone should satisfy even the most demanding amateur photographers (additionally, it can record video in 1080p resolution at up to 60 fps).

A very useful feature is the ability to install two SIM cards in a smartphone. It allows you to communicate with the world from two different numbers, which can even be serviced by two different operators. Users can choose different tariff plans for different purposes, for example, one SIM card for phone calls and the other for data transmission, which allows for better cost management.

In areas where the coverage of one operator is weak, you can use a second SIM card that has better coverage, ensuring constant connectivity. Thanks to dual SIM, you can conduct private and business communication “from the deck” of one device, which relieves the user of the need to carry two devices. The Infinix NOTE 40 Pro can accommodate two nano SIM cards.

One of the latest market trends among smartphone manufacturers is selling devices with slightly reduced accessory sets. The largest global brands have decided to take this step. Explaining their concern for environmental protection, they remove headphones or chargers from the sets – often the only accessory included in the package is a USB-C cable. These deficiencies, although they result from commendable premises, may be a factor for some users to buy a model with full equipment. Let’s use the example of the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro smartphone again – the smartphone set includes both a charger and products that were traditionally purchased separately – for example, a tempered glass screen protector and a MagCase case, which allows the smartphone to be attached to a magnetic charger.

Availability Information

Infinix NOTE 40 Pro 12/256GB is available in the Plus network offer for PLN 1 to start and in 12 installments of PLN 116.50/month (PLN 1,399 in total).

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