Death of sappers in Solarnia. The commander of the chemical regiment was transferred

Death of sappers in Solarnia.  The commander of the chemical regiment was transferred

A tragedy occurred in Solarnia a few days ago. Two soldiers died. The media reports about the transfer of the regiment commander.

At the beginning of the last week of March, TNT was exploded during exercises at the military training ground in Solarnia (Silesian Voivodeship). It was carried out as part of engineering and sapper exercises.

However, two soldiers did not have time to leave the scene of the explosion and, as a result, died due to their injuries.

Solarium. Event details

The information was soon confirmed by the Minister of National Defense, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz. As he said, they were sappers from the 5th Tarnowskie Góry Chemical Regiment. “The families are under the care of the military. They are provided with psychological support,” X wrote on the platform.

On Monday, the 5th Chemical Regiment published a statement on the matter. “There are no words to express the sadness of the loss of our colleagues. The command, soldiers and RON employees of the regiment join in pain and prayer with the families and relatives of our deceased colleagues,” we read.

In an interview with Polish Radio Katowice, Colonel Bogusław Marek revealed that the soldiers were 36 years old. He is a private and senior corporal – who supervised the activities of his subordinate. He added that the accident occurred as a result of unplanned and premature detonation of explosives. The soldiers did not have time to leave the site of the explosion after lighting the gunpowder fuse.

Regiment commander transferred to DGRSZ

Wirtualna Polska unofficially reveals that Col. Marek – commander of the Tarnowskie Góry chemical regiment – has been transferred to the General Command of the Armed Forces (which is based in Warsaw) – which was told to the portal by Major Arkadiusz Kustra – press officer of the 5th Chemical Regiment in Tarnowskie Góry. He commanded the regiment until March 28.

The head of DGRSZ is Lieutenant General of the Polish Army Marek Sokołowski. General Sokołowski's spokesman did not say why Col. was transferred. Marek, although he adds that it was “the decision of the director of the human resources department.”

What actions will be taken in the context of the entire accident? In an interview with the Polish Press Agency, General Wiesław Kukuła, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army, said that the situation was being investigated. The military will analyze the case to, among other things: find out whether it is possible to take steps to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring in the future.

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