A revolutionary program comes to Poland. In these stores you can pay with your eyes

A revolutionary program comes to Poland.  In these stores you can pay with your eyes

In five Empik stores we will not need cash or a payment card. Branches will introduce the possibility of payment using face and iris scans. This solution is the result of a pilot program of the following companies: PayEye, MasterCard and Empik.

Thanks to this solution, consumers will not have to use either a payment card or a phone when shopping. The pilot program will run for at least three months, starting on Wednesday, June 12. Payments using iris and facial biometric fusion technology will be available in five Empik stores: in the Westfield Mokotów shopping center in Warsaw, Galeria Kazimierz in Kraków, Aleja Bielany in Wrocław, Galeria Posnania in Poznań and M1 Czeladź shopping center.

The Polish company PayEye is behind the implementation of this solution. To complete the payment, you only need to look at the special eyepos terminal. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the precise calibration of the device, it is not possible to pay by accidental glance.

Face and iris payment. What will it look like?

What does payment look like in practice? First, you need to download the special PayEye application, register in the system and connect your payment card. The application will ask the user to take a selfie, which will be processed, encrypted and placed in the database. This is necessary to carry out subsequent transactions.

During the first payment, after looking at a special terminal, you will be required to provide your phone number and enter the PIN code previously assigned in the application. Then, after looking at the device again, the payment will be processed. No additional actions other than looking will be required for subsequent payments.

Daniel Jarząb, president of PayEye, said that the introduced solution “is probably the greatest revolution currently awaiting the world.” He added that the combination of face and iris scanning introduced to the Polish market is the first such technology in the world.

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