A monolith like from “A Space Odyssey”. A mysterious object on the tourist trail

A monolith like from "A Space Odyssey".  A mysterious object on the tourist trail

A mysterious monolith appeared in the Nevada desert over the weekend, prompting speculation about its origins. Similarly, objects were found in various places around the world four years ago.

The Las Vegas Police Department posted a photo on social media of a mysterious cuboid found in the Nevada desert.

“We see a lot of strange things when people go hiking, like not properly preparing for changing weather, not having enough water… but look at this! Over the weekend, the Las Vegas Police Department spotted this mysterious monolith near Gass Peak north of the valley,” it said.

The monolith is somewhat reminiscent of the black cuboids that appeared in the film “2001: A Space Odyssey” directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Monoliths surprise again. There were, among others: in Romania

Monoliths similar to the one in Nevada appeared in various locations around the world about four years ago, including one in the Utah desert. Local authorities learned about the mysterious object when it was spotted by a helicopter pilot flying over it in November 2020. The ten-meter-tall structure disappeared suddenly, under the mysterious circumstances in which it appeared.

Another monolith was found in Romania around the same time, as were one in California and on the Isle of Wight in the English Channel. The mysterious monolith also reached Poland – someone placed an unusual installation on the beach on the Vistula River in Warsaw. It quickly turned out that it was a performance by the satirical website AszDziennik. The portal explained that the monolith does not advertise anything, but is like 2020: unnecessary, ugly and too long.

It is not known who was behind the installations appearing elsewhere in the world, and some have wondered whether they are a form of artistic expression. However, since then, no one has admitted to it, which led to the conclusion that it was a well-thought-out and coordinated joke.

The American portal vox.com writes that the appearance of the monolith in Utah was accompanied by many theories. Popular said its location was near some filming locations during the filming of the sci-fi series “Westworld” in 2015, and suggested someone left the prop behind or the crew was playing a prank.

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