A luxury apartment building is being built on the beach in Międzyzdroje. Tourists are shocked, residents are protesting

A luxury apartment building is being built on the beach in Międzyzdroje. Tourists are shocked, residents are protesting

The construction of a luxury complex on the beach in Międzyzdroje is causing shock among tourists and residents. The dunes, previously untouchable, are giving way to cranes that are erecting a gigantic apartment building there.

The Polish coast has been surprising for years with unexpected investments. However, the latest one, in Międzyzdroje, is causing a real shock among tourists and locals, because a gigantic, luxurious complex is being built right on the beach. Cranes tower over the beach, and all around you can see tourists relaxing.

“How is it possible that this was allowed?” – people in shock wonder in a conversation with a journalist from Business Insider, who was there and described this unusual investment. Interestingly, the local authorities have kept their mouths shut and are not answering journalists’ questions.

Apartment building on the beach in Międzyzdroje

Behind this unprecedented investment is the company Asset Home from Szczecin, which already boasted last year that the complex called The Sea Resort will be located “in the most unique place on the beach in Międzyzdroje”. However, at that time no one probably expected that a luxury complex would be built so close to the sea line, thereby disturbing the previously untouchable dunes.

We went to check the progress of the construction. Indeed, the location is unique – until now, investors have avoided erecting large structures on the beach itself. The dunes were considered untouchable, and few people dared to build hotels or apartments there – writes a journalist who was there and had the opportunity to see this unusual investment with his own eyes.

“The Sea Resort is a new version of luxury and investing by the sea. Choose a unique property with direct access to the beach. One of a kind investment in Poland,” boasts the developer.

This enthusiasm is not shared by the residents of Międzyzdroje, who have decided to clearly express their opposition to this unusual investment. Posters have appeared on the streets of the city, referring to the Międzyzdroje City Council as a “developer council”.

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